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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Bike Fit

Bike fit here at York Cycleworks with one of our 4 Trek Precision Fit technicians. 

Bike Fit

The last few years have seen a dramatic improvement in the quality of bike technology. Amateur riders are now able to enjoy the sort of high end, quality performance products that have previously only been available to professional teams. Historically, the scientific analysis available to Pro Tour teams has not been widely available those same amateur riders. With the development of bike fitting systems this has now changed and with our Trek Precision Fit Jig and trained Bike Fit Technicians, Fraz, Jon and Mike. In 2016, we welcomed Ed Nicholson to the team. Ed is a senior physiotherapist with the NHS, as well as running his own busy private practice. Ed will be joining us to carry out "Physio Fits", these range from standard bike fits, refits and physio sessions and any combination of the above! With nearly 30 years experience in cycling and racing as well as many years working as a physio and personal trainer, Ed is uniquely placed to help you with any injures/imbalances you may have and get your riding better than ever.  New for 2019, we’re pleased to be working with Crimson Performance on our bike fitting services.

Using a 'from the ground up process', we'll look at the alignment of your feet, knees and hips and before we analyse your flexibility, bio mechanics and core strength as well as taking a full assessment of the your cycling history, any pre existing injuries and/or niggles and cycling goals ... and that's all before we even touch the Trek Precision Bike Fit Pro Jig!

Once pedalling on the Trek Precision Fit Jig our technicians can track your movements using motion caputure,  use pressure mapping to get a pin-point view of how you actually sit on your bike and analyse your pedal stroke and power output on both legs to build a comprehensive view of your overall position and efficiency on your bike. 

Our Bike Fit Studio

Our Bike Fit Studio

Equipment We Use

The Trek Precision Bike Fit Pro Jig

The Trek Precision Bike Fit Pro Jig allows us to make minute adjustments to your position to ensure we find the optimimum position for you, aligned with your goals, flexibility and strength. No on-and-off and stop-start, just smooth fast, accurate, repeatable and recordable adjustments.



Wired into the Trek Precision Bike Fit Pro Jig, Computrainer provides the variable resistance and, more importantly, Spinscan. Spinscan shows our Bike Fit Technician where and when you are applying power on each pedal stroke and allows us to find the optimum position for you. 


Gebiomized Pressure Mapping

Saddle Pressure Mapping adds another dimension to your bike fit. This allows us to record the pressure you apply to the saddle and accurately see how you sit on your bike. Adjustments to footwear, cleats and rider position change the tilt and angle of your pelvis and this bigger picture allows us to make recommendations on saddle choice based on concrete evidence. Saddle selection is no longer just guesswork, using pressure mapping we can accurately select the very best saddle for you and your riding style.

Motion Capture

Using motion capture software we record your every movement through the pedal stroke, measure leg extension and track key points on your body through the pedalling action. This gives you a clear picture of your posture on the bike and pedalling action both before and after your bike fit .   


Precision Bike Fit- £200

2-3 Hours

  • Optimised road,TT/Tri or MTB position for efficiency, comfort and injury safeguarding.

  • Advanced physical evaluation

  • Advanced foot dynamics analysis with shoe and cleat set up (cleat stacks and wedges additional cost)

  • Motion capture software analysis

  • SpinScan pedalling analysis

  • Conducted on fully adjustable Bike Fit Pro Jog, allowing us to ‘hit the bullseye’ of optimal fit

  • Option to add saddle pressure mapping and/or custom footbeds during the fit at reduced prices, subject to availability

Precision bike fit with physiotherapist- £295

2-3 Hours

  • Collaborative work between the bike fitter and physiotherapist

  • Based on the same protocols as a Precision Bike Fit

  • Further benefit to individuals recovering from injury or with underlying physical conditions affecting their cycling

  • Additional physical screening tests catered to the individual where necessary

  • Prescribed conditioning or rehabilitation exercises specific to the individual where necessary

  • Physiotherapist with a cycling background

Saddle Pressure Mapping- £100


£50 when part of a Precision Bike Fit

  • Optimise saddle set up specifically

  • Geobiomized technology objectively illustrates saddle contact in real time

  • Find positional improvements in pelvic stability, peddling efficiency and overall comfort

  • Find potential reductions in soft tissue pressure and saddle sores

  • Not a saddle selection tool but can help inform decision on optimal saddle choice

  • Conducted on riders own bike if not part of a Precision Bike Fit

Note: it is recommended that you have recently had a full bike fit prior to selecting this service as saddle set up is hugely reliant on the overall fit of the bike being appropriate for the rider.

Custom Footbeds- £85

90 mins

£50 when part of a Precision Bike Fit

  • Advanced foot dynamics analysis

  • Includes custom moulded footbeds for one pair of shoes

  • Fitted to riders own shoes

Shoe and Cleat Setup- £50

60 mins

Included in a Precision Bike Fit

  • Optimise shoe and cleat setup specifically (cleat stacks and wedges at additional cost)

  • Recommend optimal shoe choice on an individualised basis

  • Conducted on rider’s own bike unless as part of a Precision Bike Fit

 You can find out more about Crimson Performance by clicking here.

Here at York Cycleworks, we are really proud to work with one of the countries most talented frame builders, Ricky Feather. Working closely with Ricky we ensure that his clients' custom built frames are truly bespoke. Ricky's bike building process starts with a bike fit at York Cycleworks before Ricky even considers the blend of tubing which will best suit you riding style. 

There are occasions where an underlying physical issue or injury may be hampering your performance and there is only so much that a bike fit can do. In this instance we can refer you on to our tame physiotherapist, Ed Nicholson of Core Fitness and Physiotherapy who now runs clinics at York Cycleworks.