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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Transition Bikes, always rider owned.


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Transition Bikes, always rider owned.

Joe Richardson

The new range of Transition frames available at York Cycelworks

The new range of Transition frames available at York Cycelworks

Back at the start of 2010, we were looking around for an additional brand of mountain bike to provide in store, a brand who offered simple, durable and above all, exciting bikes to ride.  Being a relatively small independent business ourselves, we wanted to offer a bit of support to one of the smaller, rider owned companies too. And in stepped Transition.

Transition Bikes was started by Kevin and Kyle over 14 years ago in Bellingham, Washington, with the humble aim of making fair priced, hard hitting bikes that didn't snap at the first sign of a drop or three and of having as much fun as was possible to have in the process...!  With a few simple hardtails and two full suspension designs, they quickly earned a reputation that fell in line with their original intentions. They subsequently progressed as a company, growing in a sustainable manner and not losing sight of why they entered the bike trade to begin with. Along the way, Transition sought to introduce several new bike concepts that helped pave the way for the industry as a whole - the hard hitting, tough short travel suspension designs of the Double and Bottle Rocket showed that a four or five inch bike could be a huge barrel of laughs, while the Covert somewhat pre-empted the current crop of Enduro bikes.    

Now with a heady eleven employee's (including Kevin and Kyle) and a model range featuring 13 different bikes of the hard hitting variety, Transition continue to produce amazing bikes and not take themselves/the industry too seriously - in their words, for 2016:


"We're not gonna sugar coat this, making bikes is fun! Getting out and riding with our customers and seeing our bikes out on the trails fuels our passion everyday. That and the keg of beer in our office kitchen. For 2016 we have moved into our new headquarters/demo center/tap room in Bellingham just mere pedal strokes from world class singletrack. We also have some amazing new products including carbon bikes that have 75% more acronyms to help keep your shredding levels elevated at all times."

From our perspective, Transition have been more than brilliant.  Our in-house Mikey has owned half a dozen over the years, from Coverts to Klunkers and has nothing but praise for the bikes, the handling and the build quality.  Having ridden with Kyle, Kevin and Sam from Transition, he's also seen first hand the levels of riding performance those guys have come to expect from their own kit (it's a lot, they're all a bunch of killer riders!), and for all the flippantry, just how much thought, effort and energy goes into the mixture when evaluating new designs.  Last year's range revamp saw the introduction of a new suspension design, new aluminum manufacturing methods and important geometry improvements across the board and certain models very quickly sold out for the year!  2016 brings new build kits, a shiny new carbon bike and some great new colour ways.

Look carefully and you might spot a few very familiar York Cycleworks faces...

So stop by at our shop for a chat and check out the Transition frames we have in store!