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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Lights Will Guide You Home... Or To Work... Or The Pub.


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Lights Will Guide You Home... Or To Work... Or The Pub.

Joe Richardson

Be Safe, Be Seen.

With York Police starting Operation Shimmer, targeting cyclists riding without lights during hours of darkness or cycling on pavements, on the 18th October and daylight hours becoming shorter, there's no better time to make sure that you are safe and legal whilst on your bike. Luckily for you, we've got a wide range of lights that will suit every need.


From daytime running lights and a light that can be seen from 2km away to lights that can be controlled from either your Garmin or a remote control on your handlebars, Bontrager are at the forefront of light technology.

Flare R

Bontrager Flare R available at York Cycleworks

Our best selling light by a country mile last winter. Quite simply, the Flare is in a league all of it's own. With 65 Lumens you'll be seen from 2km away in the daylight and 270 degrees of visibility make you the biggest distraction on the road. A quick connect bracket that has 16 degree offset to allow for all types of seatpost, add in charging via USB cable and a battery safe mode that kicks in at 5% of battery left to make sure you get home safe and sound. The Flare also comes in the RT version. This connections to either a remote control on your handlebars or to your Garmin. This enables you to preset your lights so that they come on when you switch your Garmin on. Everyone at Cycleworks rides with a Flare and for good reason! 

Ion 100 City Light Set

Ion 100 City Light Set available at York Cycleworks

A pretty clever set of lights... They're always on! Another set of daytime set running lights from Bontrager, however these come with a sensor that adjusts the brightness of the lights depending on how much daylight there is. Possibly the perfect commuter lights, they're charged via a USB cable and give a broad, powerful beam and balnced optics that are perfect for city riding




Ion 700

Bontrager Ion 700 available at York Cycleworks

The middle sibling of the Ion range that also boasts 800 lumen and 350 lumen versions. However, this isn't the difficult middle child, the Ion is a beast of a light that will make the darkest of roads seem lit up like the house on the street who love Christmas just that bit too much!  Again, the Ion 700 is also available in a RT version so it can be controlled via a remote or your Garmin. The perfect partner to a Flare R or RT.



Lezyne offer a wide range of lights that start with the Femto Drive and run all the way up to the 1500 lumen Deca Drive XXL. There's a small selection below but it's always best to talk to us about your riding so we can make sure you get the best lights for the cycling you are doing.

Femto Drive

Lezyne Femto Drive available at York Cycleworks

Put simply the Femto Drive are an affordable "be seen" light. Simple to operate with an alloy body, these lights are powered by watch batteries that can quickly be replaced when they run out. They fit to your bike using the "hipster" easy fit bracket and durable rubber strap that will fit easily to your bike, bag or clothing. As I said, these are great lights that will keep you legal while on the roads, what they won't do is to cast a beam of light to show the way ahead or be overly bright for anyone following you. They will simply keep you legal whilst cycling around town. A really great light at a reasonable price! 

KTV 2 Drive 

Lezyne KTV 2 Drive available at York Cycleworks

Want to see and make sure you're seen? Then these lights could be the ones for you. 70 Lumens from the front light and a rear that produces 9 when in solid mode will make sure you're seen from all directions. Clip-On System provides versatile strap or clip mounting. Co-mold body design makes this light waterproof and durable. Side visibility lens design to provide 180 degrees of visibility. Intelligent Power Indicator LEDs monitor battery power and charging status whilst the integrated USB stick makes recharging convenient and cable free. Simply put, the KTV 2 Drive are an ace set of lights! 

Micro Drive 400XL

Lezyne Micro Drive 400XL available at York Cycleworks

Possibly our most popular light, the Micro Drive 400XL delivers 400 lumens of power to light up even the darkest unlit road on your journey or MTB route. features a lightweight and sturdy extruded and machined aluminium body with a Side Visibility design that allows 180 degrees of visibility and increases user safety. Uniform Power Beam ‘MOR’ twin lens kicks out a super bright 400 lumens, and the Intelligent Power Indicator button allows the user to check the power level at any time. The new super economical ‘Femto’ mode allows you to ride for hours without a charge. The rubber end cap conceals an integrated USB stick for convenient cable-free recharging of the Li-ion battery. The light easily attaches to a wide range of handlebar diameters via an integrated strap or optional composite mount for tool-less installation, or to your helmet via the helmet mount (sold separately)... What more could you want from an amazing front light! 

As I said, these are only the edited highlights of what we stock, come in and find your perfect partners for your cycling!