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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 



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Joe Richardson

I've written it a few times on these blog posts, we're very lucky to be an independent bike shop as that means we can stock the brands that we love and ride ourselves. Giro are another example of this. We love them and we think you'll love them we'll stock them! 

We've four different styles to offer, lets run through them...

Giro Terraduro

Giro Terraduro at York Cycleworks

The Terraduro is one for the ever growing Enduro market but also works well for trail riding, but you don't have to be racing to appreciate it's on the bike performance balanced with just-enough-flex-to- be-comfortable when you come across a section that needs to be hiked. 

Fastening comes via two velcro  straps and a replaceable ratchet buckle provide plenty of possibilities to adjust to get a great fit. The Terraduro features scruff resistant panels on the toe box to withstand hits from those stubborn rocks on the trails. 

The Terraduro uses a nylon shank that's stiff through the mid-soles and comes with a built in flex zone in the forefoot that make it significantly easier to walk in that a carbon soled shoe. Added to this are Vibram Mont lugs, these rubber lugs provide ample traction when scrambling up rocks as well as being great across slimy roots. 


Giro Carbide at York Cycleworks

One of the biggest improvements you can make to your riding is to take your first steps into the world of clipless pedals and shoes. Yes, it can be daunting but the rewards are great and well within your reach without having to break the bank. This is where the Carbide comes in. 

The upper is made of breathable material that will keep your feet cool on warm days and allow water to drain after a river crossing. A basic velcro strap keeps the fitting simple, easily adjustable and lightweight.

The sole is nylon and made from an inject mould which gives the Carbide a stiffer sole than many at it's price point as well as giving no signs of flex underfoot. 

Giro Chamber

Giro Chamber available at York Cycleworks

Giro developed the Chamber with Aaron Gwin to produce this piece of footwear gold. Featuring an internal bootie retention system (the tongue) which is attached with elasticated sleeves to give a snug fit to the foot. Add to this a well positioned velcro strap, you're feet  and won't pinch your upper foot or ankle as the strap is far enough down to avoid that issue.

The cleat positioning on the Chamber is slightly further down the sole, in comparison to other DH shoes, this is to reduce the stress on your lower ankle and shin when going downhill. What may be lost in pedal efficiency is made up for by the stiff sole as they allow for efficient power transfer when pushing hard down on the pedals.

Giro Jacket

Giro Jacket available at York Cycleworks

Essentially the Jacket is the flat soled version of the Chamber, as not all riders like to use clipless as they prefer to shift their foot position while riding. Grip comes from a Vibram sole and added arch support, an elasticated band will keep your laces safely out of the way whilst riding.