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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Ride This Winter With Your Halo.


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Ride This Winter With Your Halo.

Joe Richardson

Bontrager Halo at York Cycleworks

Last Thursday was officially the first day of Autumn and from here until the Winter Equinox, we loose 4 minutes of daylight a day. Now, riding in the winter can be many things. Cold, wet, dark and above all else it can be dangerous. We can't improve your bike handling in wet conditions. We can't make sure that you're breaks don't squeal and we certainly can't stop you from having an accident. What we can help you with is making sure you are more visible on the road this winter with a choice of lights (more on those in another blog)  and with reflective clothing.

Bontrager Velocis Halo Jacket

At a glance you might not think that there's much different about the new Bontrager Halo range from any other hi-viz clothing. It's bright, it's slightly loud and that's about it... Well, that's at a glance anyway. Look a little closer and you'll notice that they are covered in thousands of tiny "Pixels". These Pixels are designed to reflect light to shine brightly when a car headlight hits them (or the flash of a camera) so to keep you safer when on your commute or winter training ride. 

Just because Bontrager have added Pixels to their range to make you more visible in low light doesn't mean that they've compromised elsewhere. Lets take a look at the Bontrager Velocis Halo S1 jacket: The Velocis jacket is designed to be worn in temperatures at or just above freezing and utilises Profila Thermal material to provide breathability and warmth as well as a degree of waterproofing. Bontrager have also designed the jacket to be fitted, so you don't lose any performance. 

Bontrager Velocis Bib Tight

It's the same with the bib tights, silicone ankle grippers, semi-locking zips and Profila Softshell inserts on the front and in the knees give you all the performance you'd expect from a good quality pair of bib tights. The addition of the Pixels only improves the bibs by adding a safety element to them. 

To try on the Halo range, or for more information, come in for a chat with us and see how you can stay safe this winter!