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18 Lawrence Street
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York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Shockwizz and Awe!


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Shockwizz and Awe!

Joe Richardson

Suspension setup can be a nightmare and getting it right can seem to take along time. Quarq are taking out all of the guesswork with the launch of their Shockwizz, which has simple and easy to understand telemetry. 

Shockwiz Telemetry

Mountain bikes today feature increasingly complex and adjustable suspension - air spring pressure, air spring curve, low speed compression and end stroke rebound are just some of the adjustments that can be found on many modern suspension components.  For some riders, the nature, effects and range of adjustments on offer can prove a little bewildering and can leave some people running a less then ideal setup.  

Shockwiz is a small data gathering device which attaches to a suitable fork or shock and, once calibrated to your unit, tracks and gathers information on the movement of your suspension whilst you ride.  Paired with the easy-to-use App, it then makes alteration suggestions based on the collected data from your ride and your selected riding style

To that end, York Cycleworks is now offering the Shockwiz kit out to riders, on a rental basis.  And it's easy - book your weekend slot with the Shockwiz, drop your bike down and we will fit the unit to your bike, taking care of the calibration to match your bike.  Don't forget to bring your smart phone, we'll set up the App and explain it's use to you too.  Once you've finished your ride and dropped your bike back in to have the unit removed, we'll happily discuss the results of your session and explain how to make any changes the unit suggests.

Your full suspension bike is only as good as it's set up to be, so why not ensure you're getting the best from your bike?


Please Note: 

  • Shockwiz can work with either a fork or shock, but not both at the same time. A single rental and a weekend's use is for one unit setup and installation.
  • Shockwiz does not work on coil sprung suspension, either for forks or shocks.
  • Shockwiz can be set to operate on travel adjustable forks, however the travel adjust feature cannot be used while the Shockwiz is working and the results will only apply to the travel setting selected upon initial setup.


Costs:  £100 deposit, refunded upon the safe return of the undamaged unit + £35 rental fee - covers our workshop installation, a long weekend or equivalent use, removal and help in advising how to make any suggested changes.


Check out Shockwiz here!