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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Coaching, Nutrition & Physiotherapy

Help achieve your aims and goals with coaching plans from our in-house coach, Rob Stanley.

Coaching, Nutrition and Physiotherapy

No longer just the preserve of the elites, coaching is available to everyone and here at York Cycleworks we believe that anyone can benefit from it, no matter if you're aiming to complete your first sportive or you're a seasoned racer who's competing at an elite level. 

Our coach, Rob Stanley is able to offer bespoke training plans that are built around physiological testing to set baselines to structure your training around, consideration of your previous training, lifestyle and goal setting. Rob will take time to explain everything to you about your plan and take the time to get to know you and understand everything about you. A strong coaching relationship is built through communication, that's why we won't limit contact time and encourage communication with your coach to make sure you get the most from your training plan.

 Rob coaching at Manchester Velodrome

Rob coaching at Manchester Velodrome


Coaching is more than just about a bespoke training plan, it's goal setting and achieving those goals, the confidence that your training will help you achieve your goals, the support of a coach who knows you, your needs and is always available to you and much more. To get the most out of your coaching, we recommend physiological testing to go alongside your coaching package.

We currently offer two different coaching packages- 

Flexible - £60pm

On our flexible training plan you will be able to sit down with our coach to assess your goals, training history and lifestyle, from which our coach will then calculate an annual training plan with macro and micro cycles to ensure you are going into your events and goals in peak form. This plan will be delivered to you on a weekly basis where the coach will send you a list of workouts for you to complete that week which you are then able to fit in around your own lifestyle, this plan is ideal if your commitments change frequently or you are unsure what time you have to commit week on week.

Structured - £100pm

Like our flexible plan, the structured plan, you to sit down with our coach to assess your goals, training history and lifestyle. This information, along with your physiological testing will be used to formulate an annual training plan with macro and micro cycles to ensure you are going to your events/goals in peak form. The difference in this plan is that our coach will take the time to plan your workouts into your diary based on a discussion about the time you have available. This plan allows our coach to manage and regulate your microcycles more effectively and use cumulative training load to ensure you get the desired training stimulus. 

Physiological Testing

Our physiological testing will help you understand your current fitness level, find the right path to get to your goals and help to uncover what you can really achieve. With all of our testing you'll get a full and comprehensive Athlete Report which sets out all the recorded data, explains what it means, gives comparative values and recommends areas for improvement. 

Fitness testing including, blood lactate profiling, body composition analysis, heart rate training zones and much more…


Blood Lactate Ramp Test - £150

An incremental ramp test where the power resistance is increased every 2 minutes and blood lactate and heart rate is measured.  This data will give us an accurate estimate of your Functional Threshold Power (FTP), which is the power you can hold for an hour, an estimate of VO2 Max and Maximal Aerobic Power. This test provides accurate training zones to structure your training too.        

Blood Lactate Repeated Sprints - £150

Depending on the physiological demands of your goals, this protcol can be adapted to assess the rate at which you are able to recover after an effort during a race by replicating race efforts and measuring your lactate before, immediately after and in increments after the effort/sprint. This data can be used to develop tactics when racing and to show how to improve your recovery rate to put more efforts in.

Maximal Power/ 1 Minute Power Tests - £40

By assessing your 1 minute and maximal power, we can look at how you can improve your race winning power, if that's an increase in strength or leg speed, we want to get you over the line first. 

Anthropometric Calculations -  £50

Using both bio-electrical impedance scales as well as gold standard Harpenden Skin Fold Callipers, we can accurately measure your body composition, relate it to your performance and set realistic goals for changing it to improve your performance. 

Physiological Full Package -  £250

Get all of the above in one package and save £140! 

Testing is available as a stand alone product but you will get the most out of with a coaching package.


Nutrition is awash with different opinions and ideas on what you should eat, when you should eat it and even how you should eat, when the truth is, not one thing fits all. That's why we offer a couple of different options to help you with your training: 


Nutrition Consultation -  £50

From macronutrient planning to maximise energy balance efficiency to micronutrient assessment to ensure you are getting the right quantities of vitamins and minerals these sessions will ensure you are able to plan your meals to ensure better performance and digestive comfort. Our coach will provide you with a nutrition report with nutritional data calculations as well as recommendations for meals, snacks and on the bike nutrient intake. 

Nutrition Bolt On -  £50pm

For either of our coaching plans we offer a Nutrition Bolt on where our coach will provide nutritional analysis, nutritional data recommendations and food ideas/plans. This nutritional bolt on allows our coach to ensure you are fuelled correctly to get the most out of your performance and training and regulate body composition to ensure maximum performance. Like the training plans, a bespoke nutrition plan will be put together in order to reflect the demands/goals of the training block you are in, by adapting your diet in training blocks to racing phases, our coach can ensure you are recovering and getting the most out of your training adaptations. This is also available to buy as a stand alone product. 


Cycling performance is often measured in numbers, watts per kilo, cadence and speed are all often used as markers of performance. However, to perform at a high level in comfort, then your body must be in good condition. Things such as strength, flexibility, and stability are often overlooked which can lead to discomfort and, ultimately, injury. 

We often see people here who have injuries, pain or discomfort. Sometimes these issues can be solved with a correct bike fit, some issues have arisen form other areas of life or in other disciplines and parts of their training. Working with Ed Nicholson from Core Physiotherapy York, we want to help you resolve any injuries and underlying issues as well as improving your physical conditioning, resilience and long term performance all with the aim of making your riding a more enjoyable experience. 

Once the problem has been solved, it can be beneficial to revisit your bike fit to determine if further changes can be made.