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18 Lawrence Street
York, YO10 3BP
United Kingdom

York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

Trek Road bikes

York Cycleworks Trek Road bikes

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TREK road bikes

Founded in a small red barn in Wisconsin during 1976, Trek have gone from humble beginnings to the world leader that we see today. Since formation they have fostered a culture of craftsmanship, where every bicycle that's built by Trek is a point of pride for the company. It's this pride in their work that leads Trek to offer a lifetime guarentee on all of their frames. With Domane, Emonda and the world beating Madone, Trek are constantly pushing and developing world beating bikes.

Madone 9.2, 9.5, 9.9, Race Shop Limited & Framesets

In 2016 Trek released the revolutionary Madone 9 Series and it promptly won bike of the year. Unmatched aerodynamics, unparalleled integration a new IsoSpeed Decoupler and ride tuned performance gives the Madone not only a futuristic look but a ride and performance that you won't get with another bike. Add to all of this the Project One options that are available, the Madone 9 Series is the aero bike that all other aero bikes want to be! 


Emonda SL 4, SL 5, SL 5 WOMEN'S, SL 6, SL 6 DISC, SL 7, SL 7 DISC, SLR 6, SLR 6 DISC, SLR 8, SLR 8 DISC, SLR 9

All new and redesigned for 2018, with the Emonda, lightweight is the key word...Actually, it's two words we need to describe the Emonda range, Ultra Lightweight. These bad boys are made to climb! Using Treks OCLV Carbon to make sure that the frame is as stiff and strong as you'd expect from a Trek. If you're looking for a lightweight, fast climbing machine then look no further than the Emonda. In keeping with Treks dedication to women's riding, the Emonda is also available in ladies specific versions.


Domane ALR 4, ALR 4 DISC, SL 5 Women's, SL 5 Disc, sl 6, sl 6 disc, sl 6 disc women's, sl 7, sl 7 women's, slr 6, slr 6 women's,  slr 9 disc

Domane is the road bike built to carry you over rougher roads with remarkable efficiency. Stay stronger longer with Domane's stable endurance geometry and road-smoothing IsoSpeed technology. Domane makes the most of every pedal stroke: with incredible power transfer and up to 30% more lateral stiffness than the competition. it features balanced, race-stable geometry delivers responsive, predictable handling even on the roughest roads. For 2018 the Domane has all the stopping power you need, just the way you want it: smooth all-weather discs, or lightweight calipers.


1 Series, 1.1, 1.2

Sleek aluminum tubes that benefit from the same aerodynamics as it's bigger carbon brothers, the 1 series is an ideal intro to the world of road bikes or used as a winter bike. You'll get all the fun and performance you expect of riding a Trek, at just a fraction of the cost.



Trek take woman specific bikes very serious so, unlike many other brands, they have invested a lot of time into developing their ladies ranges of bikes so to fit ladies geometry and cycling needs. With the Silque range the WSD geometry puts the rider in a position of power for a faster, more stable ride. Add to this Trek's unique IsoSpeed Decoupler to give unparalleled comfort and to balance out the power and make the Silque a bike that you will want to ride all day!


Lexa Women's, 2, 3, 4

Sleek shaped, light and very fast, Treks Lexa range is perfect for however you want to rack up the miles. Triathlons, yep it'll do them. Club rides, go on then, the Lexa will love them. A steady ride with friends, a Lexa is just the best for those rides!