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Fizik X3 Vento Overcurve

  Sorry! Fizik X3 Vento Overcurve is no longer available.

Fizik X3 Vento Overcurve


Vento Overcurve X3 is an XC racing shoe.  It's designed and created to deliver its core functions: to fit precisely, protect you and transfer watts efficiently as you power between the race tapes.

The microtex upper is supple yet strong and stable for a comfortable and supportive fit.


Overcurve - a shoe construction feature from fizik using a staggered collar that wraps around the ankle, tracing the natural misalignment of the ankle's two bony protusions; the lateral and medial malleoli.  The result is an asymmetrical shape, with the throat of the shoe curving over the foot from its outside to inside.  The closure system is simple and secure, powered by a micro adjustable BOA IP1 dial.

Reinforced lamination on the shoe upper combined with thermal welding techniques exposed stitching is reduced minimising dirt collecting seams.  They are light but also tough, durable and easy to wipe clean. 

The shoes are perfectly at home on the race track or out on the trail.  The X3 carbon injected outsole is light but super stiff for power transfer and with an aggressive tread that claws the ground and easily sheds mud.



Upper -  Microtex

Outsole - X3 carbon injected nyloin with TPU tread

Closure system - Overcurve using IP1 BOA dial

Approximate weight - 288g (42 1/2 pair)


Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

Brand Fizik
Model Year 2022
Barcodes 8058364040172, 8058364040189, 8058364040196, 8058364040202, 8058364040219, 8058364040226, 8058364040233, 8058364040240, 8058364040257, 8058364040264, 8058364040271, 8058364040288, 8058364040295, 8058364040301, 8058364040318, 8058364040325, 8058364040349, 8058364040363, 8058364040387, 8058364040400, 8058364040417, 8058364040424, 8058364040431, 8058364040448, 8058364040455, 8058364040462, 8058364040479, 8058364040486, 8058364040493, 8058364040509, 8058364040516, 8058364040523, 8058364040530, 8058364040547, 8058364040554, 8058364040578, 8058364040592, 8058364040615, 8058364040639, 8058364040646, 8058364040653, 8058364040660, 8058364040677, 8058364040684, 8058364040691, 8058364040707, 8058364040714, 8058364040721, 8058364040738, 8058364040745, 8058364040752, 8058364040769, 8058364040776, 8058364040783
SKUs / Part Numbers VEX3OCMI1101037, VEX3OCMI1101038, VEX3OCMI1101039, VEX3OCMI1101040, VEX3OCMI11010405, VEX3OCMI1101041, VEX3OCMI11010415, VEX3OCMI1101042, VEX3OCMI11010425, VEX3OCMI1101043, VEX3OCMI11010435, VEX3OCMI1101044, VEX3OCMI11010445, VEX3OCMI1101045, VEX3OCMI11010455, VEX3OCMI1101046, VEX3OCMI11010465, VEX3OCMI1101047, VEX3OCMI1101048, VEX3OCMI1201037, VEX3OCMI1201038, VEX3OCMI1201039, VEX3OCMI1201040, VEX3OCMI12010405, VEX3OCMI1201041, VEX3OCMI12010415, VEX3OCMI1201042, VEX3OCMI12010425, VEX3OCMI1201043, VEX3OCMI12010435, VEX3OCMI1201044, VEX3OCMI12010445, VEX3OCMI1201045, VEX3OCMI12010455, VEX3OCMI1201046, VEX3OCMI12010465, VEX3OCMI1201047, VEX3OCMI1201048, VEX3OCMI1301040, VEX3OCMI13010405, VEX3OCMI1301041, VEX3OCMI13010415, VEX3OCMI1301042, VEX3OCMI13010425, VEX3OCMI1301043, VEX3OCMI13010435, VEX3OCMI1301044, VEX3OCMI13010445, VEX3OCMI1301045, VEX3OCMI13010455, VEX3OCMI1301046, VEX3OCMI13010465, VEX3OCMI1301047, VEX3OCMI1301048

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