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Fizik R3 Transiro

  Sorry! Fizik R3 Transiro is no longer available.

Fizik R3 Transiro


The Tansiro Infinito R3 is a triathlon shoe that combines a stiff outsole with a quick foot entry and fine tuneable fit on the go.


The mesh upper is highly breathable yet efficiently supportive, thanks to the PU lamination on targeted areas that ensure all power is efficiently transferred to the pedals.


The Volume Control system allows a differentiated fit adjustment for the instep and forefoot areas - the shape and volume of which can vary widely between athletes.  The combination of a Powerstrap and a BOA dial is the ideal balan ce for an Olympic format: first a quick and secure closure, then a fine tuneable adjustment for a precise fit.


The volume of the forefoot area can be controlled via the infinito, a signature fit adjustment feature.  Infinito balances out the tensioning and further eliminates pressure hot spots by using textile webbing in place of plastic lace guides.  This closure system acts on a larger area of the shoe's upper, pulling the eyestays inwards consistently from all directions for a more supportive and comfortable fit.


The race stiff R3 unidirectional carbon outsole delivers ultimate power transfer and it has been modified with extra wide ventilation cutouts, boasting even greater breathability than its road counterpart.


To ease transition, the instep Powerstrap can be locked in the wide open position ready for quick and easy foot entry, while the heel is equipped with a rubberised loop to facilitate setting the shoes ready clipped into the pedals, and easily and quickly pulling your feet into them.




Upper - PU laminated mesh upper

Outsole - R3 full uni-directional carbon fibre

Closure system - instep powerstrap and volume control infinito BOA IP1-B

Approximate weight - 476g (size 42)

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

Brand Fizik
Model Year 2022
Barcodes 8058364039251, 8058364039268, 8058364039275, 8058364039282, 8058364039299, 8058364039305, 8058364039312, 8058364039329, 8058364039336, 8058364039343, 8058364039350, 8058364039367, 8058364039374, 8058364039381, 8058364039398, 8058364039404, 8058364039428, 8058364039442, 8058364039459, 8058364039466, 8058364039473, 8058364039480, 8058364039497, 8058364039503, 8058364039510, 8058364039527, 8058364039534, 8058364039541, 8058364039558, 8058364039565, 8058364039572, 8058364039589, 8058364039596, 8058364039602, 8058364039619, 8058364039626, 8058364039633, 8058364039657, 8058364039671, 8058364039688, 8058364039695, 8058364039701
SKUs / Part Numbers TRR3INME1102037, TRR3INME1102038, TRR3INME11020385, TRR3INME1102039, TRR3INME11020395, TRR3INME1102040, TRR3INME11020405, TRR3INME1102041, TRR3INME11020415, TRR3INME1102042, TRR3INME11020425, TRR3INME1102043, TRR3INME11020435, TRR3INME1102044, TRR3INME11020445, TRR3INME1102045, TRR3INME11020455, TRR3INME1102046, TRR3INME11020465, TRR3INME1102047, TRR3INME1102048, TRR3INME1301037, TRR3INME1301038, TRR3INME13010385, TRR3INME1301039, TRR3INME13010395, TRR3INME1301040, TRR3INME13010405, TRR3INME1301041, TRR3INME13010415, TRR3INME1301042, TRR3INME13010425, TRR3INME1301043, TRR3INME13010435, TRR3INME1301044, TRR3INME13010445, TRR3INME1301045, TRR3INME13010455, TRR3INME1301046, TRR3INME13010465, TRR3INME1301047, TRR3INME1301048

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