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  Sorry! Fizik Tempo Decos is no longer available.

Fizik Tempo Decos


Decos is designed to exist at thenexus of comfort and performance, an essential shoe combining a minimalistic single BOA upper with a stiff carbon sole to go the distance, col after col.With Decos, fizik set out to create a performance road shoe for riders outside of the demanding pro peloton. Instead, the new Decos epitomises fiziks famed minimalist design at its finest. For these shoes we took a disciplined approach toward simplicity to deliver the pure road riding experience you expect from fizik, from epic, big-mountain rides to granfondos and beyond.The sleek uppers utilise a resilient polyurethane-laminated material combined over a comfortable mesh, resulting in reduced yield and providing long lasting foot support where its needed most. The fit is practical and quick fine-tuned using the single bi-directional BOA Li2 Fit System.At the base, the R2 outsoles engineered carbon fibre layup saves weight and delivers increased stiffness, with a stiffness index rating of 10, making this outsole the most responsive in the fizik range. A wide vent inlet and deep internal channelling provide cooling airflow, aiding in temperature regulation. The cleat positioning is set slightly further back compared to traditional settings to optimise pedalling efficiency and reduce knee compression especially well-suited for very aggressive, forward aero positions.PU laminate over mesh upperLi2 BOA® Fit SystemR2 outsole “ full carbon unidirectionalOutsole stiffness index 10Weight: 228 gSizes: 36-48 (37 to 47 also in half sizes)TEMPOVersatile road series designed for the most enjoyable riding experienceROADDesigned and engineered to perform on paved roads, from the smoothest tarmac to the most demanding pavé

Colours Black, Blue, Purple, White
Sizes 39, 40.5, 42, 43
Brand Fizik
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 8058364121550, 8058364121567, 8058364121574, 8058364121581, 8058364121598, 8058364121604, 8058364121611, 8058364121628, 8058364121635, 8058364121642, 8058364121659, 8058364121666, 8058364121673, 8058364121680, 8058364121697, 8058364121703, 8058364121710, 8058364121727, 8058364121734, 8058364121741, 8058364121758, 8058364121765, 8058364121772, 8058364122014, 8058364122021, 8058364122038, 8058364122045, 8058364122052, 8058364122069, 8058364122076, 8058364122083, 8058364122090, 8058364122106, 8058364122113, 8058364122120, 8058364122137, 8058364122144, 8058364122151, 8058364122168, 8058364122175, 8058364122182, 8058364122205, 8058364122212, 8058364122229, 8058364122236, 8058364122243, 8058364122250, 8058364122267, 8058364122274, 8058364122281, 8058364122298, 8058364122304, 8058364122311, 8058364122328, 8058364122335, 8058364122342, 8058364122359, 8058364122366, 8058364122373, 8058364122380, 8058364122397, 8058364122403, 8058364122410, 8058364122427, 8058364122434, 8058364122441, 8058364122458, 8058364122465, 8058364125435, 8058364125442, 8058364125459, 8058364125466, 8058364125473, 8058364125480, 8058364125497, 8058364125503, 8058364125510, 8058364125527, 8058364125534, 8058364125541, 8058364125558, 8058364125565, 8058364125572, 8058364125589, 8058364125596, 8058364125602, 8058364125626, 8058364125633, 8058364125640, 8058364125657
SKUs / Part Numbers TPR2BMR1C101036, TPR2BMR1C101037, TPR2BMR1C1010375, TPR2BMR1C101038, TPR2BMR1C1010385, TPR2BMR1C101039, TPR2BMR1C1010395, TPR2BMR1C101040, TPR2BMR1C1010405, TPR2BMR1C101041, TPR2BMR1C1010415, TPR2BMR1C101042, TPR2BMR1C1010425, TPR2BMR1C101043, TPR2BMR1C1010435, TPR2BMR1C101044, TPR2BMR1C1010445, TPR2BMR1C101045, TPR2BMR1C1010455, TPR2BMR1C101046, TPR2BMR1C1010465, TPR2BMR1C101047, TPR2BMR1C101048, TPR2BMR1C202036, TPR2BMR1C202037, TPR2BMR1C202038, TPR2BMR1C2020385, TPR2BMR1C202039, TPR2BMR1C2020395, TPR2BMR1C202040, TPR2BMR1C2020405, TPR2BMR1C202041, TPR2BMR1C2020415, TPR2BMR1C202042, TPR2BMR1C2020425, TPR2BMR1C202043, TPR2BMR1C2020435, TPR2BMR1C202044, TPR2BMR1C2020445, TPR2BMR1C202045, TPR2BMR1C2020455, TPR2BMR1C202046, TPR2BMR1C2020465, TPR2BMR1C202047, TPR2BMR1C202048, TPR2BMR1C361036, TPR2BMR1C361037, TPR2BMR1C3610375, TPR2BMR1C361038, TPR2BMR1C3610385, TPR2BMR1C361039, TPR2BMR1C3610395, TPR2BMR1C361040, TPR2BMR1C3610405, TPR2BMR1C361041, TPR2BMR1C3610415, TPR2BMR1C361042, TPR2BMR1C3610425, TPR2BMR1C361043, TPR2BMR1C3610435, TPR2BMR1C361044, TPR2BMR1C3610445, TPR2BMR1C361045, TPR2BMR1C3610455, TPR2BMR1C361046, TPR2BMR1C3610465, TPR2BMR1C361047, TPR2BMR1C361048, TPR2BMR1C991036, TPR2BMR1C991037, TPR2BMR1C991038, TPR2BMR1C9910385, TPR2BMR1C991039, TPR2BMR1C9910395, TPR2BMR1C991040, TPR2BMR1C9910405, TPR2BMR1C991041, TPR2BMR1C9910415, TPR2BMR1C991042, TPR2BMR1C9910425, TPR2BMR1C991043, TPR2BMR1C9910435, TPR2BMR1C991044, TPR2BMR1C9910445, TPR2BMR1C991045, TPR2BMR1C9910455, TPR2BMR1C991046, TPR2BMR1C9910465, TPR2BMR1C991047, TPR2BMR1C991048

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

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