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Peaty's LinkLube Dry 60ml Bottle

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The Peaty's LinkLube Dry 60ml Bottle delivers a wax-based chain lubricant specifically formulated for cycle enthusiasts riding in minimal moisture conditions. This state-of-the-art lube presents an exciting blend of waxes in a water-based emulsion for an effective, long-lasting operation. Its unrivalled formula ensures a clean-running, noiseless chain, optimising your ride experience dramatically.

What sets our lubricant apart? Unlike other chain lubes, this all-weather version never becomes completely dry to the touch, ensuring that your chain is never at risk of dust attraction even in the dustiest conditions.

Why use wax in a lube? Wax makes the best lubricant for dry conditions as it effectively fills your links and rollers with a hard, slippery coating. This finished touch lasts for an impressive length of time on the trail and is virtually impervious to dry dust or dirt, making it the go-to choice for dry and dusty terrains.

Application Guide

For optimal use, apply the Peaty's LinkLube Dry on a well-degreased and dry drivetrain for the first time. Ensure a thorough application to the inside face of the chain. The product possesses a distinctive light blue hue to help you discern well-lubricated parts. The lube needs to thoroughly dry and turn clear before the ride, which can take from minutes in hot conditions to a few hours in cold and damp scenarios. Please exercise caution during application to not allow lube on your brakes or brake pads.

Equip your cycle with Peaty's LinkLube Dry - the ultimate chain lube solution tailor-made for the dry, dusty to mildly moist conditions. Your smooth and quiet ride is our priority!

Brand Peaty's
Barcodes 5060541581920
SKUs / Part Numbers PT-PDL-60

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

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