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York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 


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Winner, Winner, Madone Eats It's Rivals For Dinner.

Joe Richardson


It's the start of 2016 and the Trek Madone 9 has already been scooping up the awards, collecting Superbike of the year award and an award for design and innovation.  So, whats making the Madone so worthy of such awards? 

Aero bikes aren't exactly known for their comfort or for being particularity lightweight, yes they'll slice through the air with the greatest of ease but they'll leave you paying for it for days after. That's why Trek came into making the Madone 9 with an interesting brief: throw convention to the wind (tunnel) and redefine aero road bike performance. This is a challenging project, probably the largest one that Trek have ever undertaken, so it didn't happen overnight. It took more than three years and thousands of hours in development and testing for the Madone to be ready to go into production. 

Even the chain catcher has been redesigned to be more aerodynamic.

Even the chain catcher has been redesigned to be more aerodynamic.

Lets not beat around the bush, the Madone isn't just "comfortable for a aero bike" comfortable, it's comfortable by any bikes standards. The deep section OCLV 600 carbon frame absorbs the lumps and bumps and dampens road buzz. What Trek have added is the IsoSpeed Decoupler. This is a piece of engineering that many of you will be familiar from Trek's Domane range but here they have used a mechanical pivot at the seat tube-top tube join and then put in a rather clever dual, nested seat tube design that, when put together, allows for more flex at the saddle than what you'd get from a traditional frame and so will absorb much more of the rough stuff. speed...that's what we all want from an aero bike...and the Madone delivers. With wide yet aero profiled bars, Kammtail Virtual Foil shaped tubing, a big BB area all give the Madone the required stiffness that will ensure that all of the power you put down through the pedals will be transferred to the road and that the bike will cut through the air beautifully. 

You're going fast, potentially downhill, and you want to slow or come to a stop. The Madone has centerpull brakes with cable wedges that move on rollers and both pivots fitted with cartridge bearings for a silky smooth light feel. 

Vector Flaps on the Madone 9

Vector Flaps on the Madone 9

What stands out most about the Madone 9 is the integration. There's only a couple of inches of cable visible, which not only makes it look smooth but also aids it's aerodynamic properties. The brakes are recessed into the frame with vector flaps over the front brake caliper to help air flow, even the chain catcher has been redesigned to be more aerodynamic! It's these details that have won it not only a raft of admirers but also awards for design and innovation. Further to these, the frame has been built so even the addition of bottles and a bike computer add to the aero properties and dedicated mounts for your computer, rear light and camera mean you won't be without your favourite gadgets. 

What wheels you get depends on which version of the Madone 9 you go for. The Aeolus 5, which most Madones come with,  tubeless ready wheels are fantastically fast wheels work well with 25mm Bontrager tires and the 50mm deep rim shape makes them fast and stable in crosswinds. 

One of the other joys of the Trek Madone 9 is Project One. By far this has been our most popular bike for customers to have on Project One. It's already striking but why not make it fully customised with your choice of paint, groupset, wheels, power meter and other details.  

We're really pleased and proud to be stocking superbike of the year, come in and check out the Trek Madone, your next aero bike!