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York Cycleworks is an independent bike shop that has been at the heart of York cycling scene for over 30 years. We pride ourselves on our expertise and great customer service. 

The Madone- The Ultimate Race Bike


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The Madone- The Ultimate Race Bike

Joe Richardson

The Ultimate Race Bike Redefined

Trek Madone SLR Disc

Trek Madone SLR Disc

Trek has unveiled the all-new Madone SLR and Madone SL. Over the last three years the Trek Madone has proven to be one of the fastest aero superbikes on the planet with unparalleled aerodynamics, unmatched ride quality, and unprecedented integration. Madone is more than an aero bike: it is the Ultimate Race Bike.

Yes, the Madone has proven to be one of the fastest aero superbikes on the planet, but what really sets Madone apart is how it combines advanced aerodynamics, ultra-lightweight, and superior ride quality into the best race bike available today. It is the Ultimate Race Bike.

One thing that set the Madone apart has been the overall balanced ride feel that you get when you push the bike hard. Most aero bikes feel harsh, stiff and you'll feel every lump and bump, sacrificing ride quality in order to get the desired aero profile. Not with the Madone, the built in Iso-Speed decoupler has meant you've been able to ride it on the cobbles, climbs and descents.

Iso-Speed. Not Just For The Domane

Trek introduced the IsoSpeed decoupler on the immensely popular Domane range and then they adapted it for the Madone, to spectacular success. The IsoSpeed decoupler smooths out the road, removing fatigue impacts and allowing the rider to stay fresher for longer. They haven't rested on their laurels though, as the redesigned Domane shows. There's still a lot of development to come from the Iso-Speed decoupler.

Treks Top Tube IsoSpeed Decoupler on the Madone

Treks Top Tube IsoSpeed Decoupler on the Madone

For the brand new Madone SLR we see the next generation of comfort for aero bikes- The all-new Toptube IsoSpeed. This is adjustable to customise compliance to the riders preference and the terrain they are riding on. In it's most compliant setting, the new Madone SLR is up to 17% more compliant than the previous generation of Madone.

To keep all that compliance under control, Toptube IsoSpeed is damped to rebound in a smooth and controlled motion, providing the rider more stability on rough roads. Rebound is reduced by 13% on the New Madone.

Trek Madone SLR

Trek Madone SLR

Another benefit of this new technology is the ability to closely match the vertical compliance values across all frame sizes. No matter what size bike you ride, you will benefit fully from the IsoSpeed compliance. 


Trek have gone to great lengths to make sure that the new Madone SLR frame would maintain or weigh less than the previous generation. In their pursuit of this they looked a large number of test bikes to fine tune various elements of the frame and shave as much weight from it as possible, whilst still balancing aerodynamic requirements.

For the SLR model, Trek have used their top end 700 Series OCLV Carbon. This is moulded into their KVF aero shapes, designed to cheat the wind.

All About The Integration

The Madone's Blendr mounts keep the bike looking sharp

The Madone's Blendr mounts keep the bike looking sharp

Once again, there's nothing much to see. Every element of the Madone is integrated to enhance performance and to make the Madone the most advanced race bike on the road. Once again, the SLR features invisable cable routing, font end aero profile, aero cockpit, integrated brakes, hidden seat mast, control centre, aero S3 chainkeeper, optimal aero water bottle placement, integrated mount for the Bontrager Flare RT tail light, Blendr mount accessory integration and Duotrap S ANT+ and Bluetooth compatibility. That's a whole hap of integration! 

The Choice Is Yours

Disc or rim brake, the Madone SLR is available in both. Both brake technologies are fully integrated into the frames overall design. While the rim brake model is lighter, the disc brake model provides undeniable stopping power without any penalty to the aerodynamic profile

Geometry and Fit

The Madone SLR features the all new H1.5 geometry which has been developed with the Trek-Segafredo and Trek Drops pro teams. This geometry puts the rider in the optimal aero position and covers all the needs for what races need. The Madone SL features Treks proven H2 geometry.


To The Bar

With the SLR version, riders have more stem options, additional bar sizes and +/-5 degrees of bar rotation. With this new fit update, the Madone offers one of the broadest spectrums of possible race fits for both men and women with an integrated aero cockpit.

Women's Models

The Madone SLR comes in women's specific models that feature the same best in class frame as the mainline models. The ladies models feature women's specific touchpoints such as saddle, handlebar width and stem length, all spec'd to fit most women from the start.

Trek Madone SLR Disc 

Trek Madone SLR Disc 

The Details

Madone SLR

700 Series OCLV Carbon, Madone Adjustable Toptube IsoSpeed Decoupler, Madone KVF full carbon fork, Madone integrated Rim or Disc Brakes, H1.5 Geometry, Madone SLR weight 1036g, Madone SLR Disc frame weight 1021g, customisable through Project One


Madone SL

500 Series OCLV Carbon, Madone IsoSpeed Decoupler, Madone KVF full carbon fork, Madone aero integrated brakes, H2 Geometry, SL Frame weight 1260g