Bike Fit at York Cycleworks

Fraz, Jon and Ryan have a combined bike fitting experience of around 30 years, covering road, mountain bike and triathlon disciplines and have worked with all types of riders, from novices to professional athletes. We strongly believe that the benefits of our bike fit services should not be limited to any one cycling niche as every rider should benefit from improved comfort, efficiency and injury prevention on the bike.

All of our consultations begin with an interview to gain an understanding of the individual and to contextualise the bike fit, discussing rider history, goals, injuries and discomforts. We then conduct an in-depth physical screening to assess flexibility, range of movement, strength, conditioning and symmetry. These provide us with a wealth of vital information and understanding with which to influence our decision-making. Our Trek Precision Fit Jig can be adjusted to reflect the rider’s current riding position as a benchmark from which to start. The freedom offered by the fully-adjustable fitting jig combined with the assistance of SpinScan to analyse the left-right pedal stroke, saddle pressure mapping and motion capture software means that we can dial in the rider’s position to perfection.

In welcoming Ed Nicholson of Core Fitness & Physiotherapy to our bike fitting team we are now able to offer a new dimension to our consultations. Ed is available on request to collaborate with us for our Precision Fit with Physio appointments. We are also very proud to work with one of the country’s most talented frame builders, Ricky Feather. Every Feather Cycles journey begins with a bike fit with us and working closely with Ricky we ensure that his clients' custom built frames both fit and ride to perfection. New for 2019, we’re also pleased to be working with Crimson Performance on our bike fitting services.



  • State-of-the-art Trek Precision Fit Jig technology
  • Trained Bike Fit Technicians, Ryan, Fraz, Jon, & Ed
  • Prevent Injury
  • Performance
  • Saddle Position
  • Cleat Position


Precision Bike Fit - £200

2-3 hours

Shoe And Cleat Setup - £50 (Included in a Precision Bike Fit)

60 mins

Saddle Pressure Mapping - £100 (£50 when part of a Precision Bike Fit)

90 mins

Custom SIDAS Footbeds - £85 (£50 when part of a Precision Bike Fit)

90 mins

Precision Bike Fit with Physiotherapist- £295

2-3 hours


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