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EBC Hope Evo V4

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**Fitment**:Hope Evo V4**Green Pads*** Designed for X-country riding* Softer pad compound for better stopping* Can be used on non-hardened or hardened discs* This is a RESIN padFor cross country riding this is your best choice and is a British made organic pad compound that will not damage your discs. The pads have a medium lifetime and most types are supplied with slightly beefed up retraction springs to prevent pad drag. For downhill racing or longer life in wet and mud see either the RED or GOLD grades. **Red pads*** High friction pad for downhill riding* Handles more heat under heavy braking* Minimum heat transfer to hydraulics* Can be used on non hardened or hardened discs* This is a RESIN padFor downhill use the RED grade has a higher heat threshold but has the added benefit of not overheating the brakes with excessive heat transfer which would cause softening of your brake lines. Supplied with heavy duty retraction springs in spring based systems. **Gold pads** * Most powerful braking of any pad material* Massive lifetime pad for hardened discs only* Sintered copper construction* Great for long life cross country use* Not recommended for downhill racingThese USA made sintered copper pads will last longer and brake stronger than anything you can buy. Do NOT use these on discs marked RESIN pad as such discs will be UNHARDENED steel and these pads could damage soft materials. Supplied with uprated springs in spring based systems.

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

Colours Gold
Brand EBC
Model Year 2023
Barcodes 5050953633843
SKUs / Part Numbers FA639HH

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