Tektro / TRP - Basic Bleed Kit for 5.0mm hose

Tektro / TRP - Basic Bleed Kit for 5.0mm hose

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Hose Diameters:

5.0mm: DH-R EVO, Trail EVO, Slate EVO, Quadiem, Slate T4, HD-T910/T912
5.5mm: all other brakes

TRP/Tektro Bleed Kits

Everything you need to perform basic maintenance on TRP and Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.
Includes the following:
¢ 1 Syringe
¢ 1 Plastic tubing for syringe/caliper
¢ 1 Plastic tubing for lever/overflow
¢ 1 M5 Silver bleed fitting
¢ 2 M6 Silver bleed fittings
¢ 1 M7 Black bleed fitting
¢ 2 Compression ferrules
¢ 2 Brass Olive/Barb
¢ Brass inserts 2pc
¢ Hose retainer 2pc

¢ Mineral Oil Available Separately

Advanced Workshop Service Kit

An advanced service kit for the at home mechanic as well as the bike shop mechanic. Includes all the parts and tools needed to service TRP and Tektro brakes, just add mineral oil.

Workshop Service Kit

Includes the following:
¢ Bleed injector For caliper slde
¢ Plastic tube
¢ Piston Stopper
¢ Hose retainer
¢ Compression ferrules
¢ Brass inserts w/ o-ring
¢ Hose Cutter

TRP Bleed Cup

After feedback from our pro Athletes (and their mechanics) we have developed the TRP bleed funnel to simplify the bleed process. Take your service to the next level.
Brake Model Compatibility:
Quadiem Series - YES
Trail Series - YES
Slate Series - NO*
Hylex Series - YES
Hy/Rd Series - YES
Hydro TT Series - YES
Dash Series - NO
*Slate uses a smaller bleed fitting. Funnel can be used with a slate Bleed fitting adapter.

TRP Mineral Oil

¢ For all TRP and Tektro hydraulic braking systems.
¢ Non-corrosive mineral oil.
¢ Increased Boiling point to 270°c.
¢ Decreased viscosity for better fluid flow.
¢ 100ml.

Please note: Manufacturers can sometimes change the specification of the products from time to time.

Colour Black
Sizes 5.0MM,
Brand Tektro
Model Year 2022
Barcode 4717592035292

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